Sample Page

The truth is that I always loved to speak English like a mother tongue.
All my childhood memories are mixed with the reminders of language classes!
But not only were they not purposeful and helpful, but they made me run away from every course forever!

Now! I try to learn everything myself.
Currently, I’m learning different things:
1- Deutsch
2- Mandarin
3- Sign language (ASL)
3- Classic guitar
4- Tai chi
5- Watercolor painting

Of course, I do not have much free time because I am a PhD student, and I practice all these things in a short time every day.

Here maybe my other home and a place to make new friends.
As you know now! My posts probably will contain grammatical mistakes…
If you like, you can tell me my problems, and I will be grateful to you for that.

My internet house is not very ready in appearance
Arranges little by little 🙂